This blog serves as a regulatory watch. What is a regulatory watch?

My definition of a regulatory watch (also called regulatory monitoring) is a monitoring device for the regulatory provisions that may affect the activity of a company. The watch is aimed at identifying the regulations as soon as possible in order to anticipate and even influence their impact. Regulatory watch may allow companies to discover new opportunities!

More specifically, this blog serves as a regulatory watch on new laws and regulations that have an impact on the financial services sector, particularly banks and insurance companies, both in Canada and internationally.

Why is there a regulatory watch dedicated to the financial services sector?

As an expert consultant and an avid proponent of the delivery of projects for regulatory compliance and risk management, I am an active and productive participant in the implementation of these new laws and regulations that are changing the landscape of financial services. Through this blog, I wish:

• to share my expertise and experience in the delivery of projects for regulatory compliance and risk management,

• to encourage dialogue and share my experience with those who are affected by these regulatory changes or who participate (or would like to participate) in regulatory compliance and risk management projects,

• to be a sounding board for international news covering this topic.

Whether it be to manage the risk of tax evasion, enforce legislation on the proceeds of crime (money laundering) and the financing of terrorist activities…or improve your data quality as a precondition to the implementation of a new regulation, do not hesitate to contact me for your future regulatory proposals!

Anyone who has business dealings with a bank or an insurance company might also be interested in reading this blog, in order to better understand the transformations that have been taking place in this fast-evolving sector since the financial crisis of 2008.

I look forward to reading YOUR comments, remarks and suggestions!

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